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Sanctuary Yoga Studio

Located at 22 Ocean Boulevard, Jan Juc, and servicing Torquay and the Surfcoast, Sanctuary Yoga has a class to suit all levels.

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Classes available
Pregnancy Yoga
Teens Yoga
Teacher Training Course Retreats
Private Yoga Therapy

Hatha Yoga is designed to create wellness through the body and mind, by creating balance in your life through postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

Hatha yoga can be taught with a gentle and restorative (YIN) emphasis, or it can be a strong and dynamic experience (HATHA VINYASA). At SYS we cater for both of these.

In all classes the emphasis is on counteracting the everyday stresses placed on the mind/body and developing correct understanding and technique for yoga practice. Modifications, and variations of postures are always given for students at all levels of practice.

Students usually begin with attending 6-10 Foundation/Beginner Hatha classes to lay down the foundations of a safe practice. Following this, students can continue with attending the weekly yin hatha or hatha vinyasa classes.

Our classes are designed to cleanse and nurture the body and mind through a combination of asanas/postures to improve cardio vascular health, develop strength, flexibility, vitality and balance through the body.

We always conclude with a deep relaxation to ultimately bring you into deeper contact with your calm, relaxed, centered Self. You may experience a transformative effect on both the body and the mind after just one class.

PREGNANT and POST NATAL women are most welcome to attend and are individually catered for in any YIN HATHA class. Sally and Carey are our specialists in this field and can greatly assist you along your journey.


YIN Hatha

Our yin hatha classes provide a gentle and nurturing experience of yoga for you. Open to all students from beginners to advanced.

This style is great for those who are;
  - Just starting out with yoga
  - Focusing on building up their strength
  - Very active people who would like to slow down,
  stretch their body and calm their mind.
  - People with low energy levels

(Class length 75 mins)


          "Weekly Yoga at SYS is the best present I give both my body & my mind"
Lies Feller




This style is a series of stronger yoga poses, linked by a flowing vinyasa (half salute). Our hatha vinyasa classes build heat and increase circulation for a deeper and more purifying practice.

Great for those who;
  - Love the feeling a good workout brings
  - Are interested in transforming their inner and outer bodies
  - Have a fair-good yoga foundation and are ready to receive
  the benefits of a more intensive class
  - Enjoy moving in a flowing way

(Class length 75 mins)


          "The physical challenge of Sal's classes has seen my post-natal body
through major changes - I feel better in myself than i have for years"
C. Semple



Foundation/Beginners Course

We strongly encourage those new to yoga to attend 6 consecutive weeks of beginners course, to lay down the foundations for a safe and most beneficial yoga practice.
This way we can introduce you and your body to yoga in a nurturing environment slowly increasing the intensity of your practice.
These are run as ongoing classes so that you can begin any week.



Pregnancy Yoga

A class designed to promote physical and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy. The class will involve gentle nurturing and nourishing yoga asanas to prepare the mind, body and soul for the birth of your baby.
Just some of the major benefits of yoga throughout pregnancy are:

- It teaches you 'conscious relaxation' helping you to stay present, relaxed, and focus your energies during the birthing process
- Builds the strength required to support your body in the final months of pregnancy
- Provides you with the skills to alleviate many of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy
- Helps you to connect deeply with your baby preparing you mentally and emotionally for the new role of motherhood
- A supportive environment for connecting with other local, like-minded mothers
- Ongoing support post-birth with a 'mums and bubs' class opening soon

Carey, being the mum of 3 beautiful boys, knows the value of yoga in a mothers life and is keen to share with you the numerous benefits pre and post natally.

"Yoga during my pregnancies built a sense of calm and centredness in my life, helping me to feel empowered for the journey ahead. I don't know what I would of done without it!"

Suitable for those new to yoga and experienced yogis.

Class appropriate for beginners-experienced yogis.(class is currently taking bookings)



Teens Yoga

A fantastic class to assist teens in learning to relax and unwind from school, stretch and strengthen their bodies to balance the effect other sports places on their muscles, learn about mindfulness and simple meditation/breathing techniques. Come along and try your first class for just $5. Then term bookings are required at $15 per week for this class.



Private Yoga Therapy

Private sessions with Sally can be one on one, or in a small group. This is ideal for those who would like their individual requirements/ailments addressed, can not attend the class times or would like a slow, personalised experience of yoga. Sally also teaches the Ashtanga series to students privately.